Sew a sleep mask

Whipup tutorial: Sleep mask

by kath_red on January 3, 2012

in Whip Up Tutorials

How to make a sleep mask


  1. 2 x small scraps of fabric 27 x 12 cm / 11 x 5 inches
  2. 1 x piece of cotton batting 27 x 12 cm / 11 x 5 inches
  3. Piece of thin elastic 25 cm / 10 inches long


  1. Sewing machine
  2. Scissors
  3. Paper
  4. Pins
  5. Needle and thread
  6. Iron

Step 1: Make a template from paper in an oval shape with one straight edge – like the one pictured top left, 13cm long x 10cm wide. Fold your two pieces of fabric in half length-ways and place the straight edge of your template against the folded edge of your fabric, trace around it and cut out. Do the same for your batting.

Step 2: Once you have cut out your fabric and batting you can embellish the front piece. Sew on fake eyes with scraps of felt, attach a ribbon, or stamp or embroider a message like ‘do not disturb’. Then sew each end of the elastic onto the right side of each end of your front fabric piece.

Step 3: Layer your 3 pieces, place the piece with the elastic attached face up on your bench, the back piece facing down over this and the batting on the top, pin these pieces together. As the elastic is slightly shorter than the length of your fabric, this may scrunch up, just do your best to pin it evenly around. Then sew all around the outside perimeter, leaving a 5cm gap un-stitched. Trim your seams to 1cm wide.

Step 4: Turn your sleep mask right side out through the gap you left and press it flat, be careful not to iron over the elastic. Use your needle and thread to hand sew the gap closed. You are done. Now go and make a few more, they make terrific last minute gifts.

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