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Halloween Jewelry

This jewelry is for sale however it is much too late to mail, of course unless you want to do overnight delivery which is about $17 or attempt Priority male which would be less than $6.  I can ship it out Monday but cannot guarantee delivery on Wednesday.  Anyone in the Sandwich, MA area  (Cape Cod) can purchase and pick-up.  Unable to make personal deliveries.

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A Sampling of Some of My Sold Jewelry and Accessories.

Please excuse my terrible pictures.   I have been improving by trying different lighting techniques.  Much of the jewelry in these pictures was made for a children’s shop.  There are earrings, bracelets, hair clips, and barettes.

There is lots more jewelry to post but the jewelry for sale will only be posted when I have better pictures.

Take a look back and see the paper beads and the bracelets I made with those beads.  My picures are improving.

Jewelry I made that I just cannot part with

Craft Show

It has been a long day. I have all my jewelry designs and creations out in my dining room. My kitchen is loaded with different items I want to paint and re-purpose to use at craft shows. I want my display to have height and I want to eliminate the use of tables as much as possible. I also want my displays to be easy and quick to set up. I don’t want to be hanging individual pieces for four hours prior to a show.

These are pictures of my designs and creations spread around my dining room. I made a mess.   Some of the pictures are also terrible.

This is one of my favorite designs; “Frozen Penguin.”. Tough to see the details.  Will have to try a better picture so the details can be better appreciated.  It is for sale.  Everything in this post is for sale except display features and the “happy Face” Mugs.

So, as you can see I have much more work to do.  Once I get some larger displays made I should be able to organize better.  The picture make my display seem more of a mess than they really are.  I will be getting rid of the plates and the wire basket displaying the Halloween jewelry.

I am thinking of using Black, White, Gold and a Dark Royal purple as my “splash” of color.

My next post will be the beginnings of my displays before I begin working on them.  Also coming are some unusual uses for ordinary things and pictures of my studio.  My studio pictures are messy.  The mess is because I am still finishing putting things away and I got a few orders of supplies in.  There are some odd decorations in my studio.  Most notably children’s items and sports equipment.  My studio was my 17 year old, Matthew’s bedroom before he died of a seizure while asleep in bed on May 1, 2010.  I kept the memories that made me happy and really meant something to him.  Where I could I added items reminding me of my two elder sons.  My son Bryant has a blog, “Semi-daily Grumblings of a Madman.”  http://DailyGrumblings.wordpress.com.  There is also a link posted on my blog.

If you are into crafting with stamps and creative challenges check out my other links.