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Halloween Jewelry

This jewelry is for sale however it is much too late to mail, of course unless you want to do overnight delivery which is about $17 or attempt Priority male which would be less than $6.  I can ship it out Monday but cannot guarantee delivery on Wednesday.  Anyone in the Sandwich, MA area  (Cape Cod) can purchase and pick-up.  Unable to make personal deliveries.

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Medical Alert Bracelets with Changable Bracelet

Personalized for specific conditions or medications.  Generic available stating, “See wallet card.”

Prices vary depending on materials.  Each bracelet is made to personal specificaations if ordered from me directly.  Comment with email address and questions for a personal response.  Minimum price is $20.

Pictured below is part of my personal collection.  Please excuse the photo.  Had to do photograph away from home and it is not my best skill at the moment.

medical alert changables

Valentines Day – Jewelry For Sale

See pictures here and on my Facebook Page (Marianne Hurley)

Correction to credit card info.  I am only accepting MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

I also have a PayPal account.

More pictures will be added soon.


Jewelry for Sale

Soon I will be accepting credit cards.  There will be a 5% handling fee for cards I have to hand enter.  For most scanned credit cards there is no handling fee.  AmEx cards scanned will incur a 2.5% handling fee and hand entered cards a 5% handling fee.

Most packages will be shipped United States Postal Service at a rate of $5.oo, for 2-3 day service.

Very small packages will be shipped First Class mail  or Parcel Post and will require a quote; unless 2-3 day service is requested at the rate of $5.00 for most packages.  First Class  and Parcel Post packages will not have a tracking number.

Massachusetts residents will incur a 6.5% sales tax.

Most packages will be shipped within 36 hours.  (Add 24 hours if the 36 hours includes a Sunday.)

As often as possible recycled packaging will be used.  If you prefer new please indicate this preferance.

Contact me (Marianne) via email beads-by-the-sea@hotmail.com

Thank You for Your Business.

International shipping is not available at this time.