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Jewelry for Sale

Soon I will be accepting credit cards.  There will be a 5% handling fee for cards I have to hand enter.  For most scanned credit cards there is no handling fee.  AmEx cards scanned will incur a 2.5% handling fee and hand entered cards a 5% handling fee.

Most packages will be shipped United States Postal Service at a rate of $5.oo, for 2-3 day service.

Very small packages will be shipped First Class mail  or Parcel Post and will require a quote; unless 2-3 day service is requested at the rate of $5.00 for most packages.  First Class  and Parcel Post packages will not have a tracking number.

Massachusetts residents will incur a 6.5% sales tax.

Most packages will be shipped within 36 hours.  (Add 24 hours if the 36 hours includes a Sunday.)

As often as possible recycled packaging will be used.  If you prefer new please indicate this preferance.

Contact me (Marianne) via email beads-by-the-sea@hotmail.com

Thank You for Your Business.

International shipping is not available at this time.