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My Messy Organized Small Studio – Part One (not complete, check back in a few days) Part 2 Coming Soon

Diagram of my Studio - numbered to match writings

1.) [SEE (#1) on diagram]Shelves on this bookcase have photo boxes and shoe boxes used for storage of old CDs and CD cases.  I use the CD cases to store my unmounted stamps.  On top of these shelves are a dorm sized refrigerator .  I keep non-perishable snacks in a vintage snack can on top and a tiny set of three drwers.  In the first drawer is used stamps to send to disabled Veterans.  The second drawer has misc. car and window type stickers and the bottom drawer has old business cards.  I keep current business cards in a slot in the printers desk [SEE(# 10) on diagram)left side of wire cubes in forefront.  In the background is dorm frig. with vintage (yellow) snack can from Charles Chips)

2.)[SEE (#2)on diagram] Shelves on this bookcase store old video games belonging to my deceased son.  I am not sure what I want to do with them yet so they are staying put for now.  There is also a bucket of cloth loops for potholder loom, a potholder loom, 2-rectangle storage boxes I use to transport ornaments and edible crafts.  Storage boxes for the lightbulbs for my table top photo studio are located here also.Microwave area (see area #2 on diagram of studio)